welcome, fellow “spoonies”!

“Between 1991 and 2012, I suffered from a mysterious chronic illness which often kept me housebound, and utterly wrecked my career, relationships, and life. My condition is in remission now, but I still remember how sad, scary, lonely and boring that time was. So I’ve decided that The American Bystander—my all-star humor magazine in the tradition of National Lampoon, SPY, and MAD—will be available at no cost to any comedy fans suffering from chronic or debilitating illness. (Or as some of us call ourselves, ‘spoonies.’)

To receive a PDF of each new issue as it becomes available, simply fill out the form below. This email list will be kept private, and not shared with any third parties. Please forward this link to any fellow ‘spoonies’ who might have their day brightened by The American Bystander.

I will hold in my heart a vision of you with perfect health, living the life you wish to live. Until that day comes, please enjoy this magazine, with my compliments.”

Michael Gerber, Editor & Publisher

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