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“Founding a magazine that you can’t read online does seem like the kind of thing Max Bialystock would do if he went into publishing instead of musical theater. But the old-fashioned form happens to be a perfect match for the refined pleasures of this delightful publication, an essential read for comedy nerds."

The New York Times


“There’s this assumption that online is inevitable for everything, that it's like the steam engine or something. And maybe it is — but maybe it’s not. Maybe it can’t work.”

—Michael Gerber, Interviewed by Columbia Journalism Review


The American Bystander is the last great humor magazine."



“Bystander’s attempting to be the first post-internet humor magazine: we assemble a Murderer’s Row of writers and artists, and use publishing and design to get out of their goddamn way."

—Michael Gerber speaks to Steven Heller at Print