Newsweek called the American Bystander...

"The Last Great Humor Magazine."

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The New York Times calls us...

"Essential reading for comedy nerds." 

Well, we don't know about all that, but we have gathered some of the funniest, most celebrated writers and artists from several generations, with the idea of resurrecting — and improving — the classic humor magazine format. After three issues and nearly $150,000 in hard cash from readers just like you, it's clear we're onto something.

Using print-on-demand publishing and social media, we're reinventing how professional magazines are published. No squeamish advertisers. No big corporations susceptible to political pressure. We rely on readers — that's how we can provide books at a fair price while paying our contributors. (Paid work, what a concept.) And, unlike conventional publishing, our contributors keep the rights to their material. 

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The American Bystander uses a super-lean publishing model, so word-of-mouth is key to our success. People really love this magazine; we hear from them all the time. We think you'll like it, too.

The implosion of book and magazine publishing has left a lot of established artists and writers with no way to reach the readers who love their stuff. And for younger talents, an always-difficult career is now practically impossible. We just couldn’t take it anymore, folks, we had to do something…so we created The American Bystander. What happens next is up to you. 

Michael Gerber


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Charles Barsotti
Michael Ian Black
M.K. Brown
Roz Chast
Billy Collins
Robert Grossman
Jack Handey
Todd Hanson
Al Jean
Terry Jones
Merrill Markoe
Brian McConnachie
George Meyer
Mallory Ortberg
Mike Sacks
Steve Young
and many, many more.

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