Collection: Issues #1-10

Collection: Issues #1-10

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Collection: Issue #1-10

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Issue #1 (December 2015). Featuring Brian McConnachie, George Meyer, Jack Handey, Liana Finck, Terry Jones, and 60 others.

Issue #2 (June 2016). Featuring Al Jean, Kate Beaton, Michael Ian Black, Sean Kelly, Rick Meyerowitz, Shannon Wheeler, and 85 others. 

Issue #3 (November 2016). Featuring Gahan Wilson, George Booth, Charles Barsotti, Jack Ziegler, M.K. Brown and 60 others

Issue #4 (April 2017) Featuring Roz Chast, Larry Doyle, Charles Barsotti, Sam Gross, Tim Harrod and 80 others.

Issue #5 (September 2017) Featuring Merrill Markoe, Drew Friedman, Scott Dikkers, Andy Breckman, Farley Katz and 75 others.

Issue #6 (November 2017) Featuring Arnold Roth, George Booth, Liza Donnelly, Mimi Pond, Peter Kuper and 70 others.

Issue #7 (February 2018) Featuring Nell Scovell, Drew Friedman, Ed Subitzky, Roz Chast and 55 others.

Issue #8 (September 2018) Featuring Barry Blitt, Ed Sorel, Shary Flenniken, Steve Young and 85 others.

Issue #9 (December 2018) Featuring P.S. Mueller, Mike Reiss, Tim Harrod, Emily Flake and 75 others.

Issue #10 (March 2019) Rick Geary, Mike Reiss, Lars Kenseth, Ed Subitzky and 75 others.